Om Tare Tam Svaha

16 March 2019

Tara’s seed syllable is Tam.

Om Tare Tam Svaha Tee on model
Om Tare Tam Svaha Tee Available NOW

A Famebot experimental clothing offering.

Excerpted from Sounds True’s Songs of Tara:

Tara is venerated by Hindus and Buddhists alike, and seems to predate Tantric Buddhism in India as a Hindu deity. Scholars note many links between her and ancient forms of the goddess Durga. Her Indian name, Tara, means “Star,” but it is also a form of the word that means “to ferry" or “to carry across,” which relates more closely to the literal meaning of her Tibetan name. […] Tara’s “seed syllable,” a single, untranslatable sound that expresses her entire essence, is Tam. The mantra Om Tare Tam Svaha (or, in Tibetan pronunciation, Soha) is thus know as her “heart song” and is sometimes associated with the more wrathful form of Red Tara, whose practice brings wisdom and awareness of our ultimate nature. […] A Tibetan nun [Jetsun Ani Rinpoche] with a voice straight from primordial space pierces our hearts with the mantra Om Tare Tam Svaha.

Om Tare Tam Svaha Jersey on model
Om Tare Tam Svaha Jersey Available NOW

50% of proceeds go to Tibetan Nuns Project. The shirts are GM free organic cotton, not tested on animals, do not contain animal-derived products, and are printed in the UK with low waste printing tech. Made in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria.