23 February 2018

Thank you Netlify

Netlify Full Logo Light
(Image source: Press | Netlify)

Update 25 February 2018: If you are having trouble with Netlify the answer is very often “Retry deploy” with “Clear build cache” checked.

According to the web UI, I have been publishing projects from GitHub with Netlify for 4 months now (since 24 Oct. 2017), including this site.

Odds are high I will write more about this soon. At this point, I can recommend them to anyone looking to host static sites with them, whether open source or private repos:

This free plan can be used on personal and commercial projects (even with private code)

some of the features included in the new, free Bronze plan:

  • HTTPS with Custom Domains and Domain Aliases
  • Let’s Encrypt and Custom HTTPS certificates
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Instant Cache Invalidation and Atomic Deploys
  • Deploy Previews and Deep Git Integration
  • Branch-Based Split Testing
  • CDN-Level Proxying
  • GeoIP and Language-Based Redirects
  • Integrated DNS hosting
  • Prerendering
  • Asset Acceleration
  • JavaScript Snippet Injection
  • Form Processing
  • Redirect and Rewrite Rules
  • Custom HTTP Headers
  • Client-Side Routing Support
  • Teams

full details […] plans and pricing page

To the entire Netlify (OSS) crew, thank you.