16 August 2020

Imagine everyone really heard Ravyn Ariah Wngz

The txt IMAGINE in rainbow colors over images of protest in Moscow, Hong Kong, and Lakota land in South Dakota
Source Photos L to R: Pavel Golovkin, Lam Yik Fei, Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Imagine Russia, China, and the USA suddenly became radically open-minded and loving to all of their inhabitants, embracing and accepting each other, practicing abolition of all forms of oppression and enslavement, upholding egalatarian principles, and recognizing the intersectionality that makes us whole.

When you hear the speech Ravyn Ariah Wngz gave at Ryerson University, you know it is the truth. You may be in various states of denying that truth, avoiding it, but it is still the truth.

A majority of people in Russia, China, and the USA support that truth, and fostering it into being is simply a matter of triggering the conditions that allow that transformation, that transcendence, to take place.