Ricky de Laveaga

Happy 25th BBEdit

12 November 2018

BBEdit birthday candle

Update 4 December 2018: 25th Anniversary BBEdit merch hath landered!

Hey, how about a new T-shirt? We've got a 25th Anniversary design, a refresh of the classic, and more goodies for you on the brand new store: https://merch.barebones.com

@bbedit 9:04 4 Dec 2018

BBEdit: Friend to Markdowners Everywhere

  • Live Preview

    • “Preview in BBEdit” command to preview your HTML, Markdown, and Textile code under construction. Automatically updates as the code is changed! You can also use a local preview server for preview of code generated by PHP, Perl, includes and so on; and select alternative page templates and CSS when previewing document fragments

  • with WebKit Inspector

    • New in BBEdit 12 1: BBEdit preview windows now include access to the powerful WebKit Inspector, so that you can inspect the runtime behavior of your page, debug JavaScript on the fly, and more. 2

Ya dig?


BBEdit <3s ✍︎

The professional’s choice for over twenty-five years (and counting). 3

It (still) doesn't suck.

In addition to its unmatched ability to process and operate on insanely large files smoothly, without missing a beat, BBEdit comes well-configured out of the box and is easy to customize to your liking. I also like Sublime Text and VS Code for general text and code editing, and am digging Slugline for screenplays.

  1. BBEdit 12 is a major release which is 64-bit ready and offers over a hundred feature additions, changes, and refinements, including Touch Bar support. Read all about it!

  2. Current version: BBEdit 12.5 (411048, 2018-11-08)

  3. Approximately 25.5 years, to be precise, hey, better 6 months late than never.